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Veal medallions with French salad
Grilled veal with tomatoes, red onion, fresh asparagus and «Rocket» leaves, flavored with balsamic sauce
  150/125g  475r
Veal medallions with grilled vegetables
Grilled veal, tomatoes, sweet pepper, aubergines and zucchini.
  150/125g  475r
Veal steak
With mustard sauce and baked potatoes
Veal steak «Chateubriand»
Large grilled steak with two sauces
  330/80g  725r
Grilled veal
With «Bordeaux» dressing made of red vine, mushrooms and cream
  180/120g   100/120g
Veal steak
With white mushrooms sause and potato pancakes
Pork steak
With fried potatoes and onions. Served with ginger sauce
  150/100/50g  395r
Grilled pork ribs
Pork ribs marinated in Soya sauce, cooked on grill. Served with «Cherry» tomatoes, red onion and ginger sauce
  210/50/50g  395r
Duck breast fillet
Grilled duck breast fillet with fried potatoes and zucchini
  250g  575r
Foie gras medallions
Tender foie gras medallions with baked apple and berries sauce
  220g  695r
Lamb square
With «Espanol» sauce and grilled vegetables
  200/70g  795r
Assorted grilled meat
Pork meat, pork ribs, veal medallions, lamb square, rabbit liver, grilled vegetables. Served with two sauces. (Recommended for 2-3 persons)
  980/100g  1550r